Non sapevo che io avessi dovuto correre. Quando Paolo andava alle feste doveva sempre portare anche la sorella. More. Noi dovevamo stare attenti. Did you finish it? In particular, Italian modal verbs tend to take the auxiliary verb avere when they are followed by the verb essere to describe someone or something. When it's used as such, volere takes the auxiliary required by the verb it is serving. University Centre City, Translation Spell check Synonyms Conjugation. Voi dovevate pulire il bagno e io la camera da letto. Tu dovevi arrivare prima. – Did you have to take Anna to school that day? – I had to give up. Online conjugation: the best way to learn how to conjugate an Italian verb. – If I had had to work late, I would have ordered pizza. – They must sleep a lot. Hanno dovuto annullare il progetto. – After I had to return the book, I changed library. – I will have to do the exam again. – They need to renew their passports to go to America. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As is common for -ere verbs, the past participle of dovere has got the ending -uto, making it dovuto. Imparfait. – The teacher gave me a lot of homework because she thought I had to leave. Lei deve andare a ballare. Ho dovuto pianificare le mie vacanze in anticipo quest’anno. – I will have had to change home. Dovere is an irregular, second conjugation verb that means to have to. – You have had to go away. Translations in context of "dovere" in Italian-English from Reverso Context: mio dovere, suo dovere, abbiamo il dovere, tuo dovere, in dovere. – It’s insane that I must do like that. Lui deve passare l’esame per entrare all’università. – I did not know that I had to run. Pour voir d’autres modèles, consultez la Table des modèles. – I had to escape. Indicatif | Subjonctif | Conditionnel | Impératif | Infinitif | Gérondif | Participe . Noi dobbiamo lavare la macchina prima di partire per la gita. Lei aveva dovuto lasciare il paese perché veniva minacciata. Non sono uscita ieri perché dovevo lavorare. – You had to hand in the article 2 hours ago! Conjugation Documents Grammar Dictionary Expressio. Loro devono rinnovare il passaporto per andare in America. Complétez la conjugaison du verbe vendere au subjonctif présent : che io vendache tu vendache lui vendache noi vendiamoche voi vendiateche loro. – They had to run. – She will have to pay attention when she starts to drive. – You had to study. – They had to look for a good lawyer for their legal problem. Loro hanno dovuto cercare un buon avvocato per il loro problema legale. – I didn’t go out yesterday because I had to work. Noi abbiamo dovuto rimandare il meeting perché il direttore era occupato. – He had to go to that lesson. Io dovevo fare i compiti. – You had to eat. Dovete sedervi qui. Tu dovrai studiare molto di più per imparare l’inglese. – When Paolo went to parties he always had to take his sister as well. Sarò triste dopo che avrò dovuto dirti addio. – I had to plan my holiday in advance this year. Dovere is a transitive verb that needs to take a direct object. – She must go dancing. Lei ha dovuto venire qui. Sei la migliore amica che io abbia dovuto avere. ©2020 Reverso-Softissimo. Hai dovuto prendere il taxi perché hai perso l’autobus? Se io avessi dovuto lavorare fino a tardi, avrei ordinato la pizza. – Did you have to wait a long time before you could see the doctor? Italian Verb Conjugation; Italian verb grammar; Verbs; Free Course; Posted June 14, 2019 453 Views 0 Likes 0 Comments by Madel Share Trx_addons_twitter Trx_addons_facebook Google+ E-mail. Che io debba fare così è una pazzia. Voi avete dovuto mangiare. With lower course fees and living costs, your degree is closer than you think. When followed by an infinitive verb, it means must, need to, to be supposed to, to owe. Reverso for Windows. – I get the impression that you should apologize to him. Avete dovuto aspettare molto prima di vedere il medico? 7 Hill Str, B5 4UA. – You had to take a taxi because you missed the bus? – We had to shut up. The conditional form of dovere is used to express polite requests and it means should. – You are the best friend I have ever had to have. Dovere is an irregular, second conjugation verb that means to have to. io devo tu devi lui deve noi dobbiamo voi dovete loro devono. Io avrò dovuto cambiare casa. Tu dovesti portare Anna a scuola quel giorno? Da piccoli, dovevamo mangiare solo quello che la mamma preparava. – I had to do like that. – You must play tomorrow. Commonly Used Words © 2020. All rights reserved. – When we were young, we had to eat only what our mother made. Consult conjugation models, verbs endings, irregular verbs and see their translation. – I will have to eat less to feel better. Notice that around four out of five of the 50 most used -ere verbs are irregular. – You had to come earlier. – You had to clean the bathroom and me the bedroom. L’hai finito? Io avevo dovuto rinunciare. – She had to come here. – I must speak to him immediately. For example, if you couple volere with andare, which is an intransitive verb that takes essere, in the compound tenses volere takes essere: Sono voluta andare a casa (I wanted to go home). – We have to wash the car before leaving for the trip.