A fresh coat of paint, some legs, new pulls, and voila! combined with the slim handles there is a slight industrial look to it all. IKEA TARVA Hack – Paintable Wallpaper and Copper Pipes The IKEA TARVA dresser The moment I saw Drew at Lone Fox Home add paintable wallpaper to an IKEA dresser, I fell in love. This could be a great way to create a cheap kitchen island or a fantastic long sideboard or dresser for any room. At Luxhax they produce decorative panels that you can stick the various pieces of Ikea furniture to upgrade the look to something more luxurious and stylish. The easiest hack to go for is changing handles or knobs and doing nothing else – this won’t take much time and anyone can make it. My name is Karo and I’m a fan of all things practical! company.© 2017 All rights reserved. You can get so many different decals to front your Ikea Malm dresser but there is something about a banana leaf that adds some drama to a room. Hemnes can be painted, chalk boarded, stenciled, decoupaged, you may change handles and make an absolutely new piece like no other. Be creative and hack it according to your decor style! The Hemnes is a great piece of furniture on its own, but as an Ikea hack you can create some amazing things! This lovely Malm dresser hack from Home Art Stickers on Etsy shows you the kind of results you can get. One of their staple items that has found its way into our home is the Malm series of dressers. We adore the chunky curved handles that have been added to this Ikea Malm dresser by House on a Sugar Hill. Pick your favorite look from these 10 easy updates and put aside a weekend to get to work. Kitchen Sideboard. All Things G&D took the 6-drawer tarva dresser and turned it into a beautiful kitchen sideboard with all the modern trimmings. Mix up various kinds of hacking, décor and detailing, repurposing and refreshing and you’ll get your own unique piece out of a plain IKEA dresser! Corner braces, which she spray-painted to match the shiny brass rods. 7 IKEA Kallax Hacks You’ve Probably Never Seen. The paint color is all up to you. This is a fairly simple DIY that does require some basic supplies, but once you’re done, your dresser will look like it came from a high-end furniture boutique instead of your local IKEA. Blogger and photographer Erin Kelly sewed the fabric for this cushion together herself. Here is my full affiliate disclosure. There are many combinations you can use. There are lots of other hacks to go for: you can cover the dresser with inlays, you can go for wall panels as décor, you can refresh the look with decals that are removable, you can decoupage and even cover the drawers with leather or fabric! But the real surprise was when she swathed all the knobs in a dark dye to create an optical illusion. It’s a great way to upgrade your dresser to something you can really be proud of! Stunning Modern Minimalist Hemnes Dresser Hack, Victorian Cast Iron Effect Hemnes Shoe Storage, Colourful Mid-Century Modern Changing Table Hack, How To Create Your Own Artwork that Looks Professional. There are several great pieces of furniture in the Ikea Hemnes range and we are going to look at a few of them. Sorry, in order to sign up, we require javascript to be enabled. Things like washers and other common objects were used creatively to make this dresser an object of art. So what do you do when that dream piece does not exist? After assembling her Tarva dresser, blogger Kourtni Munoz of House on Longwood Lane made rectangular cutouts on the drawer fronts using a jigsaw. After painting this dresser green and adding sleek knobs to it, Megan Gilger bought two brackets from the company, painted them white, and installed them above the makeshift changing table. Between the cubbies and the shelves, there’s plenty of room for books. In order to replicate the look of authentic Jenny Lind furniture, Angelica Kalatzi of My Dear Irene glued flat-back ball knobs around the edges of the drawers. The Ikea Malm dresser epitomises what is great about Ikea furniture. Combine it with some gorgeous brass knobs (you could splurge a bit on the knobs as you are saving so much by hacking a Malm!) Follow our progress and insights as the site develops. These hacks can allow you to save space, add storage, or simply create your own one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture to meet your specific function. From Hemnes to Malm to Tarva, all the Swedish retailer’s offerings can be made to look custom if you’re willing to dig out your toolbox and pick up a few extra materials from the hardware store. This incredible, industrial effect finish to the Malm from Behangfabriek makes a bit statement! And it blends in well with any type of decor. Though IKEA furniture is fairly simplistic and basic, it does have a more modern look to it. From dressers to beds and shoe storage to wardrobes. Let us know about your own Ikea Hemnes hack transformations! They have used some marble effect vinyl over the drawer fronts and to the top surface to add a little bit of chic style. If you can’t get the real thing in your room, then this is the next best! I thought that was a borderline ridiculous idea. This DIY isn’t super costly or time-consuming, and essentially you can create a whole new dresser just by adding legs, using chalk paint, and accenting the front of the dresser with wallpaper. They have also added another shelf at the back of the unit for a different look and additional open shelving, but this could be an optional extra. Be creative and hack it according to your decor style! If you were about to throw that Ikea Hemnes dresser It’s the perfect nightstand! No one would ever guess it isn’t 100 percent bespoke. All Rights Reserved. You’ve got a brand-new dresser that will literally become the showpiece in any room you place it in. The final touch is the set of short brass hairpin legs to raise it off the floor. There’s also room on top for a lamp or other decorations. Next up? Using an Ikea Hemnes hack you can easily create something that looks really expensive! It really is a wonderful transformation! Check out more IKEA bedroom hacks like these here. It’s a pretty clever way to make one sleek piece from two pieces that are differently-sized. The legs can be made from oak timber in a very simple way. One word: wallpaper! Can you spot the second IKEA hack? There is such a great variety in what you can do with the Ikea Malm dresser because it starts off as something so plain. We hope you’ve been inspired by some of these ideas. They make custom stickers for the front of furniture like the Ikea Malm and this marble effect decal is amazing! The additions were designed specifically for the brand’s furniture, so they attach seamlessly. At first glance, the cane webbing looks like a white Aida cloth framed with textured reeded trims. There are lots of tutorials around the web that will help you turn your piece into something you really want and need. They have joined three Malm dressers together to form a long unit and then wrapped the whole thing with a solid timber counter top. Paint the dresser in a color that complements the fabric you pick, and you will definitely fall in love with the results! The bright white primer (the blogger used Kilz Adhesion sealer) instantly disguised its dark brown surface. Give your Tarva a makeover with simple pieces like wooden dowels, chalk paint like this, and golden pulls like some of these.