Crab soup never had crab soup. Hopefully she does; in the spirit of good cooking, good eats, and technology, I would like for it to work to our mutual benefit and let it remain - but I would like for my hard work to be recognized as well. Objects ARE as delicious as they appear. Meanwhile, parboil your potatoes: put them in a pot of cold water, bring to a boil, … can beef broth, fresh or from boxed broth (bouillon cubes don't cut it), 1/2 lb beef bone, ox tail, neck bone, or whatever you can get, 1 lb crab (at least), lump and claw, 3:1 ratio of lump to claw is good, 2+ tablespoons Old Bay Seafood seasoning, or a good alternative, like Wye River, 1 bunch fresh parsley, (or 1 tablespoon, if dried), Sea salt and fresh pepper to taste (Wharf Rat serves it really peppery), Small amount of flavorless oil (I like canola). I live in Baltimore, the city of the best steamed crabs. This is now in the regular Friday soup night rotation! This is a great recipe for folks in places where fresh Maryland crab is scarce, or in the winter when fresh ingredients are hard to get or are prohibitively expensive. It sounds like a delicious addition! At some point after the soup has been cooking for a while, remove the beef bones. Throw in your bay leaves and most of your parsley. In the process of making it now, smells so good can't wait till its done! Some versions throw in slices of corn on the cob—about half-inch disks—which makes a nice presentation. This sounds absolutely delicious. At the Wharf Rat, you can see the pepper flakes on top. And yes - I live in Maryland. this is amazing!!!! Regarding the crab meat, the folks at Wharf Rat in Fells Point, MD, throw in a few whole claws, which is a great touch. peachy from Home Sweet Home on September 12, 2014: so this is it. The good canned stuff is refrigerated. I thought you should know that the picture above and recipe (word for word) is being used on a FB page... 1 1/2 - 2 cups carrots, cut in small pieces, About 3 cups potatoes, diced (small, bite-size pieces, skin on), 14.5 oz. Are you craving the distinct, delicious flavors of a real Maryland-style crab soup? Thank you so much for taking the time to share this!! When the beef stock has cooked sufficiently, add the can of tomatoes. Great hub! Each bowl each raves how good it is. OF COURSE, THERE MUST BE Half crab bodies & whole claws, already steamed, as well!!! After cooking for a half hour or so take a taste: you may wish to add more seafood seasoning, salt, and pepper. You may also wish to add a little more water. At one point, I removed the beef bones and added my crab claws and seasoning and let simmer. A note about prep and cook times: You can prepare this dish slower or faster depending on which tools and ingredients you use. Turn up the heat a touch, bringing it to a slow boil then turning it down to a simmer. Thank you for sharing. Never use water. Will report back and let you know how it goes. Heat a large soup pot to a tad hotter than medium, adding enough oil to coat the bottom. A forty-something mom, knitting instructor, and novelist who's married to a native Marylander who loves it when we make this soup. Go get thee to the grocer! I can't wait to try it sooner rather than later. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe! I've made it 5 times now in my electric pressure cooker. I'm making this soup today smells amazing cant wait to have a bowl, I didn't know you good buy seafood broth I will have to look for it, thank you for the recipe is awesome easy to do. It says sautéing in the soup pan, but could I do it in the crockpot? Anyway, it was the best soup, my husband has been eating it for 3 days and keeps going back for more. Last Christmas was the first time I made it. And I shudder to think how you'll fare with a can from the grocery store, no matter how much you paid for it. The water should go no higher than one half inch above the bone and veggies. Do we absolutely need the beef bone? Made this last night and it was a HIT!! Step 2 We are soup people, and it was one of the best soups we've ever tasted! I shared on Facebook using the link from your recipe page. Look for it in the seafood section of your grocer, crab house, or seafood market. Stir crabmeat (and crabs claws, if desired) into tomato … This recipe is a keeper! Salt slightly. I was looking for recipes and came across this one. So glad you tried it and loved it! I had never made MD crab soup but had always a wanted to try. Add crab claws and boil 6 minutes. I’ve never seen so much pepper either. Thank you for posting it!! Realizing that fresh is always best, my husband tried to come up with something that is adaptable when you can’t get fresh crab or veggies. Add beef bone and any pieces you cut off. Love this soup! I made this a few weeks ago for a Ravens game and ended up licking the bowl clean! Crab … Although I've made MD crab soup a few times in the past I always forget exactly what goes in it and how much of everything...this recipe looks right on the money and I'm so glad you have it out there...making a double or triple batch for a 30 person party this weekend! This recipe is inspired from several recipes, including one from John Shields’ Chesapeake Bay Cooking and the classic Chesapeake Bay Fish & Foul Cook Book. Bring 1 gallon water to boil. This recipe is a keeper! Thanks for the recipe in MD a year and first time trying this. Christen Roberts (author) from Harrisburg, PA on May 16, 2014: Steve, we'll have to try that. Go with your gut and your taste buds—have they ever steered you wrong? I make the exact same way as this recipe, with one major exception. Once it starts to sizzle, add celery, carrot, and onion. My husband found this recipe and made it yesterday. It's CRAB SOUP TIME! Second-best would be fresh-picked-and-packed crab. It looks delicious. Thank you for the great recipe! I love a good seafood recipe. Try not to eat your screen. I froze a bag of crab claws and seasoning from crabs this summer, as well as picked crab meat. so yummy :) my husband and i loved this recipe! Too much yellow corn making it look like a stew. Can't wait! I don't see tomatoes listed in the recipe. For the vegetables, corn is a must, but from there use what you like. Thanks again! Serve with oyster crackers, saltines, or bread. Turns out perfectly, I put the potatoes in the microwave until par cooked, then I add everything to the pot and cook for 5 mins. Kourtney Tippy-Love from Arkansas on December 19, 2014: Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on September 15, 2014: Yummy me some crab soup any way I can get it :). Cover and let it cook for about half an hour to forty-five minutes or so, stirring occasionally. Kathy Stutzman from When not traveling, located in Colorado or Minnesota on August 29, 2014: Just reading the recipe made me hungry and homesick for Baltimore, can't wait to make this tomorrow! Real Maryland Crab Soup is quite peppery. Try to break apart the tomatoes as they cook. Everyone like the MD crab better. It’s good to grind some fresh black pepper on your portion. although I think last Christmas I did put diced tomatoes in. Christen Roberts (author) from Harrisburg, PA on October 26, 2016: Add one can of diced tomatoes, or whole peeled tomatoes, chopped. The soup would be a lot better using white corn and not pig corn. I just made a big pot of this soup and it is absolutely the best Maryland crab soup I have ever eaten. I’m just a lucky guy....slurp......OH Pardon Please. I made this tonight and it was absolutely AMAZING! I left a comment, asking to have a direct link to my article and to source my photos. Use 2 boxes (32 0z) of seafood broth instead. Christen Roberts (author) from Harrisburg, PA on June 13, 2013: Awesome, Steph! Wow, this was my first time making Maryland crab soup and this was perfect. Do you use just whole peeled canned tomatoes? When the beef is browned and the veggies are about ready, add fresh water—filtered or spring—enough to cover your ingredients. I really appreciate you looking out for me and taking time to write me with the link. Add your vegetables, including the potatoes. What's a good sub if so? Christen Roberts (author) from Harrisburg, PA on May 31, 2013: Thank you so much, Lynn!